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 Post subject: Did I goof up the break in???
Unread postPosted: Thu Aug 22, 2019 11:49 pm 

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Hello all, fairly new Nokona Walnut (w-1150) owner here...allow me to gloat for a second...

...I love the smell (still there after 4 months of use) , I love the way the glove feels on my hand, and i also love the fact it is made with love by people that enjoy their job (I believe).

I applied Aquaphor healing ointment in place of vaseline to the whole palm area as soon as i got it the night before i played catch with it (mistake?). I have read around this forum and noticed that a wrinkle/crease forming in the palm area is not desirable. It has already happened to this glove as i type. I also used a, new to me, "2 in the pink" wearing method hoping to increase the pocket area for my son whom i wish to pass this glove down to in a few seasons (if he pleases).

On to the real question...did i goof the break-in up?

I have since tried on a couple 'used' wilson 2000 and rawlings HOH at used sporting goods shops and noticed the palm area is usually more defined and stiff, of which i "think I might" like personally.

With that all being said, i am not disappointed by any means, to me i think the break in is done, as, After 4 months or so of light to moderate use*, it still holds open when laid on the side and my 9 yo can slide it on and use it for a catch session right now.

I am a natural first baseman by practice and i loved my rawlings "deep pocket" Mark McGwire fastback when it folded like a old/stale crunchy shell tacobell taco, it still had a decently define pocket in the webbing area though. I do understand that that is or may not be as desirable for other IF positions.

*Defined use = an on average 2 days a week with one being throw/catch the other being me (40+ yo man playing some third base while a couple kids do live hitting practice on a open field)

Thanks for the read,

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