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Author:  Hrking4675 [ Thu Aug 17, 2017 8:42 pm ]
Post subject:  2018 Mizuno Pro & Pro Select 600D Model Reviews 11.75 H-Web

As a resident MZP62 fan, along with Allen, I had to order these two models to see if they stack up to what I think is the best pattern out there. Was a little surprised by these when they came in. I'll upload comparison pictures shortly or post them to the forum IG page. As an aside, Ballglovewarehouse.com shipped $1300+ worth of gloves (I'll be reviewing the A2K 1775 and 1721 as well) in a grey plastic bag. Uh, thanks?

Mizuno Pro
As you can see in the pictures, something went wrong when they stuffed the thumb insert in there. I'm not one to harp on quality, but these things do have human error built into them. Not going to be the guy who harps on it. Things happen. There is also an odd thumb piece that pushes your hand more towards the middle of the glove. I like my thumb almost parallel with the edge of the glove. Their "updates" to make the pocket more "underneath the web" is very noticable to me. As someone who likes their pocket more old school I guess, and to the right of the web (if looking palmside) I am not a fan. The leather is absolutely perfect. Very smooth. I am not a fan of the embroidery in the palm area though. As with all PL's it comes with a glove bag. Came a bit soft for my liking and will definitely be returned. Kind of looks like the MZP62 in shape, but different feel altogether. (I've not had a chance to try on the normal, or shallow versions of these gloves. Not sure if all of them have this thumb force-over, or if I may have gotten a soft lemon on arrival.

Pro Select
After 15+ years of collecting gloves, not much shocks me anymore. I am 100% blown away by the pro select. As you will see in the video, this glove is STIFF. This is about as stiff as my pro issue Rawlings that are ordered firm. No joke. The leather on these is about as good as you can get. Im not a fan of the back wrist design, but from a construction perspective, this is a must buy. ESPECIALLY at only $249. This glove does not have the thumb notch that forces your hand over, so this one may be a keeper for me. Pattern overall, and as it should, is identical to the MP. This one feels closer to the MZP62.

Author:  shiftclick [ Thu Aug 17, 2017 9:05 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: 2018 Mizuno Pro & Pro Select 600D Model Reviews 11.75 H-

Great reviews, look forward to some pics. Thanks for posting! Been curious about these and Mizuno's site is a joke.

Author:  MaverickAH [ Sat Dec 30, 2017 1:03 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: 2018 Mizuno Pro & Pro Select 600D Model Reviews 11.75 H-

Personally, I think that you're overselling the Pro Select. I'm not saying that it's not a good glove, just saying that it's in the same class as an A2000 or HOH. No stiffer...... No softer.......

I get it though........ This is the result of years of Mizuno dumbing down the 2nd tier level of their glove line. People forget:

The Classic Pro used to be the 2nd glove line for Mizuno below the Pro Limited line. Pro Limited's were $300 & Classic Pro's were $200. Classic Pro's were superior to the Pro Limited's in the same way HOH's were superior to Pro Preferred's & A2000's were superior to A2k's (Price, durability & longevity). The were great gloves!

What did Mizuno do? They raised the price of the Pro Limited to $500, dumbed down the Classic Pro to "Soft" status & then inserted glove lines into the created void (Global Elite, Global Elite VOP). The Global Elite was definitely a step down from the old Classic Pro & the Global Elite VOP, while close, was a hundred dollar increase. I found none of this acceptable!

Get your hands on a MIJ Classic Pro or Classic Pro X from the 1990's/early 2000's & you'll see what I'm talking about.

Author:  Hrking4675 [ Fri Jan 26, 2018 12:32 am ]
Post subject:  Re: 2018 Mizuno Pro & Pro Select 600D Model Reviews 11.75 H-

Hmm I am wondering if I got one that has been handled very minimally then. I definitely rank this above the majority of HOH leathers / and all A2000 leathers.

I've had a few MIJ classic pro's, so yes, I do know what you are talking about.

I can send you a video of this compared to a pro issue Rawlings horween so you can feel how comparably stiff and well built they are.

Author:  MaverickAH [ Sun Jan 28, 2018 11:18 am ]
Post subject:  Re: 2018 Mizuno Pro & Pro Select 600D Model Reviews 11.75 H-

I was able to examine newly stocked items from all 3 major brands prior to the Xmas rush. It was pretty much, "flip a coin", IMHO when I compared Pro Select vs. HOH vs. A2000. No distinct advantage of one over the other except for personal preference. This is only my opinion, of course.......

What exactly does "Pro Issue" mean? A "PI" can come in more than one flavor. They can be stiff. They can be soft. They can be anywhere in between. They come however the particular pro requests it to be. for example: In the case of Rawlings Spring Training gloves that they distribute to pro's, they are definitely worked in a bit prior so that they can be used immediately. It does Rawlings no use for them to have to sit in a bag until players get them broken in. They want them distributed & on the field asap.

How does sending a video allow anyone to "feel" a difference?

Author:  Hrking4675 [ Fri Mar 09, 2018 12:04 am ]
Post subject:  Re: 2018 Mizuno Pro & Pro Select 600D Model Reviews 11.75 H-

Youd be able to see how much more one closes versus the other? Sorry for using the word "feel." I think you get the gist of what I meant.

Considering the horween came direct from Rawlings, like the majority of my pro issues, and was ordered "firm," this is a "PI." I am almost positive I wrote in the guide what classifies a glove as a PI. I specced it out, so I know exactly how it was ordered. It does have a full mesh back so that can be a reason why it is a bit softer than the Mizuno. Sorry that wasnt clear from my prior post. I guess its been a while since I've posted pictures of anything. I guess I am no longer known around these parts.

For what its worth, the Mizuno is taking longer than I had expected to break in, which is a good thing in my mind.

I do agree that the Mizuno pricing is just ridiculous now.

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